Gun Barrel Decals

Here's a little history about our gun barrels decals. We have been making these for more than 15 years and have sold well over 100,000 decals. We have very little problems with the decals. 99% of any issues that comes with the installation process. The cleaning process will cause the "These decals won't stick" issue. Knowing most barrel will have oil on them, they need to be cleaned very good. This will require multiple cleanings. Using common rubbing alcohol "90% alcohol works best" First cleaning will remove most oil, but leaves residue behind. Most time cleaning the second time with new cloth will be enough, but we suggest doing a third cleaning than making sure it's dry before installing the decals.
You you find that when the barrel is very clean these decals will stick very well.
The video below will show the decal installation process in detail.
If you have any problems please contact us.Β