How to Install Tailgate Wraps


Measuring tape, razor knife, blue painters tape, squeegee cloth cover, heat gun, piano wire.


Make sure to clean very good with soap and water. Dry all water and use wax and grease remover. ย The final cleaning should be done with basic rubbing Alcohol.

Removing emblems with piano wire is an option, make sure glue residue is completely removed. If covering emblems this will need to be carefully done with heat gun making sure not to over heat vinyl.

Make sure to position the entire wrap in place making sure graphics fits to your liking and having approx. 1โ€ณ or 1/2โ€ณ extra all around the edges. Edges will be rolled over, make sure the back side of the tailgate edges is very clean also.

We recommend do the installation with the tailgate off and laying flat. This process can be done by 1 person, but having 2 people is best to prevent any damage to the graphic.

Here's a great helpfull video by MossyOak Graphics.